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Garlic is useful for preventing many diseases, starting with a common cold and ending with varicose veins. Use its useful properties and people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Apply garlic not only in its natural form, it is added during the preparation of various dishes. These include garlic oil.

It has a beneficial effect on the patient’s condition:

accelerates the restoration of joints;

prevents complications;

restores mobility of the joint;

relieves pain;

improves blood circulation in the treated area;

removes slag, lowers cholesterol in the blood;

reduces the possibility of infection.

Recipes of garlic oil:

Peel 300-400 grams of garlic from the husks, scroll with a meat grinder (can be crushed in a blender) and put in a glass container. Pour vegetable oil with a smell. The mixture is left to insist for a fortnight in the dark. It is important not to forget to mix it every day. The resulting oil is filtered very carefully. To do this, you can fold the gauze several times.

Grate or grind garlic in a mortar, add an equal amount of sunflower oil. Leave to insist for a day. Add the lemon juice, mix. Garlic oil will be prepared for a week in a cool, dark place. The mixture must be carefully filtered. How to use: dissolve half a teaspoon in milk three times a day before eating. Take garlic oil you need courses: a month in a month.


Someone under garlic oil understands the ethereal, isolated from the denticles. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or manufactured independently. Bulbs and greens are subjected to steam distillation and get natural garlic oil. But for the treatment of joint diseases the first prescription is more effective.

Melt the butter, squeeze the juice from 2 cloves of garlic. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. After filtering, cool. Rub in the area around the affected joint.

Massage of the affected joint can be done with pharmacy garlic oil. To 5 drops add 10 ml of any liquid oil. After such rubbing, the pain syndrome disappears. This does not apply to cases when the disease has already reached the stage requiring surgical intervention. Rheumatic pains successfully remove and compresses with crushed garlic arrows. At home, you can also make garlic plaster, ointment with eucalyptus oil.

How to use garlic oil? He rubs himself in a sore spot around the joint before going to bed and is wrapped up with something warming. It is advisable to do this procedure every evening for 2 months. When using garlic oil, you need to carefully monitor your well-being. Garlic can dissolve sclerotic plaques. Eat garlic and you will be healthy!

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