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Apple cider vinegar is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the kitchen.

We use ACV for cooking, but also for salad dressings.

There are some people that use ACV for cleaning the kitchen.

Aple cider vinegar has a high acidic content.

There are numerous health benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar, and it all comes down to the richness in healthy nutrients.

Now, ACV is a common kitchen staple, but apart from cooking, you can also use it to treat various health problems.

For example, you can use ACV for dandruff, skin discoloration, sinusitis, various skin issues, and improving the look of your feet.

Apple cider vinegar soak for feet is a common remedy for treating tired feet.

Here is how you can use the kitchen staple for your feet.

How to make apple cider vinegar feet soak?

For this remedy, all you need is apple cider vinegar and water.

Find a tub, or a bowl that is large enough to fit your feet.

You want to fit comfortably. Fill 2/3 of the tub with warm water.

Make sure that the water is comfortably warm, not hot.

You can also use cold water, if the day is hot and you want to relax.


Now, add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to water.

Soak your feet in the solution for 30 minutes.

After that, rinse your feet with cool water and let them dry naturally.

Do not worry about the scent.

Yes, ACV has a faint scent.

But that will fade away after you take your feet out of the foot soak.

Why use apple cider vinegar feet soak?

There is nothing better than finding a way to relax after a busy day.

Your feet are tired for sure, and the ACV soak will give you a relaxing way to end the day.

Think of it as a self-care act that you can use.

And your feet will benefit in a number of ways.

Those tired toes will be a thing of the past.

Vinegar helps you get rid of dead skin cells that have piled up on your feet.

As a result, your feet will be refreshed and get pleasing scent.

And if you really want to utilize ACV, here are some other uses.

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